Narcissism in Identity Politics

This research examined healthy self-esteem by comparison with collective narcissism in the UK. The findings are reported in three papers:

“Grandiose Narcissism” (Part One) reports evidence about collective narcissism, victim-perpetrator status and relative worth in seven fairly successful identities. It is published at

“Vulnerable Narcissism” (Part Two) elaborates Kohut’s theory to the former white male working class. Its members are largely invisible except when censured for disagreeable outbursts. Vulnerable Narcissism is available here as a PDF.

“Slurs in identity Politics” (Part Three) examines words that diminish the worth of others. It is published at

“Vital exhaustion” is a risk factor for cardiac death and may be a consequence of Vulnerable Narcissism. The Male Heart is a downloadable PDF and will be part four. Ad Appels finding. My paper on J-shaped curve in alcohol intake and VE.