Ukrainian Week 2

On 13/10/22 most members mastered Google Translate. About 20 high frequency words were introduced. Closed questions with Yes/no’, ‘When’, ‘What?’, ‘Who?’ and ”Where’ will need practice. We added ви любите (‘you love’), дякую ( ‘thank you’) and привіт (‘goodbye/ciao’ as well as ‘hello’. The consensus was not to try to master declensions, but to continue our nominative-case pidgin. Ukrainian Cyrillic will get a brief mention and will be appended to the Romanised words, but not studied systematically for the present. On 20/10/22 we will introduce 15-20 more words on the topics of directions and health, as below. At there are good trauma materials for refugees. This was my subject, so ask me about it. Generally we advise that traumatised people need kindness, not therapy to start with. Food conversations are generally easy, as most words are shared with English or Italian, and a few with German.

Do you have pain? Where?   Is that place good/ not good?   Do you want women’s health things? Yes/ No   What is the name of your medicine?   Toilet paper is in that place   This is your towel  У вас біль? куди?   Це місце добре/не добре?   Хочете речей про жіноче здоров’я? Так ні   Як називається ваше ліки?     Туалетний папір тут   Це ваш рушник  U vas bilʹ? kudy?  (Polish is bole)   Tse mistse dobre/ne dobre?   Khochete rechey pro zhinoche zdorov’ya? Tak ni  (note verb to want, ‘gynae’ for woman)   Yak nazyvayetʹsya vashe liky?   Tualetnyy papir tut   Tse vash rushnyk
Our house is two kilometres from the town   Turn left/ right at the crossroads     You go straight on at the red-green light   The street is _ and we are at number ten   You will see a church/ pub/ postbox  Наш дім за два кілометри від міста   Ви йдете ліворуч/праворуч на перехресті   Ви їдете прямо на червоно-зелене світло   Вулиця  _, а ми під номером десять   Ви побачите церкву/паб/поштову скриньку  Nash dim za dva kilometry vid mista (dim = domicile)   Vy ydete livoruch/pravoruch na perekhresti (L-livo, R pravo)   Vy yidete pryamo na chervono-zelene svitlo   Vulytsya  _, a my pid nomerom desyatʹ   Vy pobachyte tserkvu/pab/poshtovu skrynʹku