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English: the first 4,000 years

English is one of 450 current languages that evolved from PIE. After the Romans left, migrants from Anglia brought their Germanic language and started to push Welsh speakers westwards. Later Danes reluctantly adopted Middle English, but got rid of grammatical gender and adjectival agreement. In the 21st century gaming, technology and the desire for belonging continue to change the language in ways we can anticipate.


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This e-book of 43,000 words accompanies the U3A group zoom course. The 33 sessions mostly have hyperlinked pages on this web-site.

English: the first 4,000 year printed book

This is the 43,000 word paperback with the same content as the e-book. It is “samizdat”, not formally published. Please give a postal address. Alternatively, e-mail me that you have given £10 to one of these charities: Lakeland Dialect Society; Black Country Dialect Society; WikiIslam.


The Black Country Dialect

An electronic book about the language of the UK West Midlands first printed 2007. has a comprehensive glossary, a systematic comparison of speech sounds, syntax, metre, and history. if you order by “Pay with Paypal”, send a separate e-mail with your request and the EPUB will be sent as an email attachment . It is also available as an ebook at the Kindle store for £6.60.


Bannockburn Norman v Norman

An e-book about the languages of the north of Britain and the Norman conquest of Scotland in 1155. It is available from the author as a printed book published Sept 2016, price £4.00 inc p&p. The e-book can be purchased here and EPUB will be sent as an mail attachment will be sent to your e-mail address.


The Iceland Bus

An e-book that explores the linguistic connections between Cumbria, Iceland and Scandinavia. If you Pay with Paypal and send your email in a separate request, an EPUB will arrive as an e-mail attachment. It is also at for $4.00, and the Apple Store at $5.99.