Which king’s English?

This session is mainly about Brut, which claims to a give lineage of the kings of England. Politics rather than piety seems to be the theme. Laghamon was a monk and the picture below is a window of the church at Areley Kings (Ernel3e) on the Severn opposite Stourport. See what you can make of his English.

Glossary: ihoten means “was called”, similar to German “heißt”; wonede means “lived”, similar to “wohnte”; nom, “took” from niman, “to take”; radde is the past tense of “read”; þuhte means “thought” gan wende combines modern “gone” and “went”, and may be translated as “travelled”; drihten  means “of God” or “blessed”.

It includes letters we have lost ȝ   yogh  the sound in Scottish “loch” and Laȝamon. Þ (thorn) is now written as “th” in “think”