Swadesh list

These are Ukrainian words in order of frequency from 1 to 207. The u3a may need extra words for house guests from Ukraine. Within the Excel spreadsheet, add nouns (e.g. “doorkey”, “shower”) at 210, 211 etc. in red, and verbs (e.g. switch off) at 231 etc. in green.


Introductions could start like this:

Pryvit. Mene zvaty Susan. Miy dim — Bristolʹ. Moya robota vchytelʹka”

In the second phrase substitute your own given name. In the third name substitute your own town. Note that you are equating “home” (M.) and “X_town” in the nominative. More fluent Ukr would be “мій дім у Брістолі”, in the locative case. The fourth phrase is “work”, which we have as a loanword in English, and an occupation, which in this case is “teacher”. Can you guess these other occupations: medsestra, prodavetsʹ, sekretar, fermer, menedzher, veb-dyzayner.

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